Jessica Patricia Photography Anna and Courtney Hair and Make up dream team

Looking for the best hair & make up team around?
Anna & Courtney are AMAZING.  For Real.

So, technically speaking these two are not a duo or a team, but when they work side-by-side amazing things happen!

Courtney of Bridal by Courtney LLC is amazing.

For the styled shoot that I worked on with her I showed her a not so clear, 1 angle view photo of the style of hair I wanted for our “bride” and she nailed it.  Not only did she nail it, but it was amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of this woman’s skills.

Add in Anna.

Anna is a make-up whiz.  I didn’t even give her a “look” to go off of, just some vague details and showed her the dress and hair and she ran with it highlighting Emily and making her the best version of herself and it was amazing.  You can hook up with Anna on her Instagram account.

I cannot say Thank You loud enough or frequently enough for helping make our shoot such a success!  I cannot wait to work with these ladies in the future!