Why I love an unplugged wedding & why I think you will too!

An “unplugged” wedding or event means that your guests tuck their phones away and leave their tablets and cameras in the car. 

I had an unplugged wedding so that my guests could sit back, relax and enjoy the show. But seriously, it was a great idea then and it is a fantastic idea now!

Why would you do this?  For SO many reasons… but here are a few:

     You guests will be present – yes, they are there physically. But when you have an unplugged ceremony they can tune in emotionally too and enjoy every second.

     Guests trying to snap photos can get in the way of the professionals you’ve hired (Me!) and can block key moments of your day.  Example: stepping into the aisle during the first kiss – this.has.happened.  Sure, your guest may have a great shot but that means I have a photograph of the back of their head which means the moment will be missing from your album. Super duper sad and it breaks my heart when it happens.  

    During formals there will only be 1 place to look (me!) which means I won’t have to fight for your attention so you can get back to your guests faster. 

Obviously, I recommend you taking the unplugged route for your ceremony and all “big” events during your reception (like the cake cutting, first dance & whatnot).  But the decision is ultimately up to you and I will respect whatever choice you make.

Questions about how to make an unplugged wedding happen?  Ready to Book your wedding?   Don’t be afraid to contact me, I’m happy to chat with you!

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