I don’t know if I’ve taken the time to introduce myself in a long time…
So let’s have an Introduction Thursday!



How are you?!

I’m finally taking the time to introduce myself!!  Sorry it has taken me so long, not really sure why 😉

Cliff notes version:
I grew up in NEPA (Dallas in the Back Mountain to be more specific); went to college in Philadelphia; lived there for a bit; moved on to Jacksonville, Florida; met my husband, moved to Pensacola, Florida; started my photography business (JPB Photography which grew into Jessica Patricia Photography); got married; moved to Norfolk, Virginia; baby girl joined our family; moved to Dallas, Pennsylvania; baby boy joined our family; and here we are today!

But really, I like to think I’m laid back but I can be a little OCD about some things.
I love pizza and could eat it everyday.
I start everyday with coffee.
I prefer red wine to white, but love some bubbly.
Coke is the only option, what is Pepsi?!
Dr. Pepper is real Dr. an can save the day.
Lime Tostitos are my favorite.
I day dream about adding a puppy to our family but the thought of shedding and slobber grosses me out.
I love long walks on the beach (seriously though, I think they are very relaxing!).
Dark chocolate is delicious heaven.
My daughter makes me laugh every single day.
She also is turning my hair gray.
I shoot Nikon.
I prefer prime lenses.
I love a good challenge.
I need to remind myself almost daily that there is more than 1 way to do things (sorry hubs).
I like to think I am neat and organized but my house is a hot mess.
I love spring and all the blossoms it brings.
I love the colors of fall.
I want a vegetable garden so badly but I’m not sure if I can be trusted to keep the plants alive.
Toothless baby smiles melt my heart.

I could go on and on.

Right now I’m so grateful to be back in NEPA around family! I cannot wait to grow my photography business here!  There are so many beautiful locations to shoot and so many wonderful people to meet!  I’m excited to see where this chapter of my life takes me and what kind of adventures are ahead for me and my family! Hopefully you can be a part of it too!

Special THANK YOU to all of the photographers who have captured me and my family over the years! I’m so grateful to have images that show where we have been.  We were moving a lot with my husband’s job… but now we’re growing roots in Pennsylvania!

Here are all some super quick notes & Thank Yous for the photographers who captured the photos in this post:
Aislinn Kate Photography for our beautiful engagement & wedding photos.
Winnie Bruce Photography for the wonderful memories of my first pregnancy and my newborn daughter!
Michelle Lynn Photographic Artist for the birth captures of my daughter.
Amanda Mae Photography for capturing birth/Fresh 48 photos of my son (Shout out to my sister! Seriously though, she is my baby sister).
Aly Martin Photography for the fantastic newborn photos of my son.

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Talk to you soon!