We are so proud to be a NEPA Couples Photographer!

It isn’t just about Engagement photos!

Couples photography is so important!  Yes, the BIG engagement event is super important to document, so don’t think I’m saying Engagement photos are silly (because they definitely are not!!  I love shooting engagement sessions, especially for my wedding couples.  It give me the opportunity to get to know them a little better and it allows them the opportunity to feel more comfortable and at ease with me in anticipation of their big day.)


The reason I think couples photography is so important is because sometimes in the mix of life we forget.  We forget the little things, the different stages of life, and we needed a little reminder every now and then.  When you take the time to document your relationship and love for one another you are growing as a couple and creating your history together.  You can look back at the photos and laugh about what was going on during the {always unintentionally} hectic getting ready time before the shoot or about the fantastic dinner date you had after the shoot because you two were looking so good.  And as the years pass you can look back at those photos and remember the big events… how you got engaged two weeks after your first couples shoot or how you found out you were pregnant after your first anniversary session or how your little guy took his first steps during the family session that was at the same park as your engagement session.

There are so many reasons why you should have you portraits taken as a couple.

Just do it. Create your history!

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Talk to you soon!

This photo was taken two weeks before my husband proposed!
We were living in Pensacola, Florida at the time and a friend of mine took this and many other fabulous photos of us.  Thank you Ciara Garrett for the fantastic memories and for taking our first couples portraits!