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Throwback Thursday: Portrait Photography

When I was first getting my feet wet in portrait photography I met Ciara.  At the time I was practicing and building my portfolio and seeking out clients.  She just happened to be pregnant at the time (with one of the most handsome little beach bums I have the pleasure of knowing) and she and her family because my go-to models.  They modeled for me when I got new gear and needed to test it out, when I had a random idea and wanted to shoot, and I photographed them to capture some genuine family moments and milestones.

This photo is from a random idea that I needed to capture: before I left the Pensacola area I wanted to shoot in a cotton field.  Ciara was all in!  We drove about 45 minutes away to a secluded cotton field and shot away.  I brought along a small piece of lace (along with a few other random do-dads) just in case I was inspired.  I’m so glad we had this!  The lace images are some of my favorite from our shoot together.

This shoot was featured on Beyond the Wanderlust’s Inspirational Photography blog!

Thank you Ciara for being so supportive of my journey and my random shoot ideas!  I miss you (and your fisherman and baby beach bum) very much!


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